Golgotha Falls by Frank De Felitta, the prologue

Golgotha Falls by Frank De Felitta, the prologue

Listen to the Prologue for my latest narration right now on THE SURGICAL FICTION PODCAST.

Golgotha Falls, a novel by Frank De Felitta.

Golgotha Falls lies in a desolate and blighted valley in Northern Massachusetts where, in 1919, Father Bernard K. Lovell, priest of the Church of the Eternal Sorrows, fell prey to isolation and despair and entered a dark night of madness, necrophilia, and suicide. Then, in 1978, a Jesuit priest was sent to reconsecrate the church but found himself seized in the foul grip of bestiality.

Now, Father Malcolm, a saintly priest, has arrived to do battle with the forces of Satan that have possessed the church, while two brilliant scientists of the paranormal from Harvard University have traveled to the site to investigate a century’s worth of bizarre happenings. None of them are prepared for what they will encounter – an evil dating back to the dawn of time that could bring about the end of days…

In Golgotha Falls (1984), Frank De Felitta, author of the best-selling novels of the occult Audrey Rose (1975) and The Entity (1978), delivers another chilling pause-resister of horror and the supernatural.

Narrated by Edison McDaniels.

Golgotha Falls is available in its entirety on Audible. https://surgfict.biz/2WV9h1v

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