Welcome to Med School!

Welcome to Med School!

Okay, don’t get too excited. You won’t be wielding a scalple any time soon. But your characters might!

Welcome to my world of crossed scalpels, bloody pens, and not a few bones creaking in the night. I seem to have ink running through my veins and need to write nearly as much as I need to breathe. 

Feel free to take a look around. Hopefully we can help each other out. You might find a few stories to your liking. I’ll do my best to  answer your questions as they pertain to medical fiction you are writing. Please remember that I don’t give out medical advice at this site.

Make sure to check out the Posts section, where you will find a great deal of medical information for writers. It’s growing all the time. You’ll find the section My Books interesting too!

Please use the form on the Contact Me page for your medical fiction questions. I try to answer in a timely fashion but do be a little patient. I might even write a column about it.

Click below to download your story in pdf format. As always, please remember that reviews are the coin of the writer’s realm. A few words on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or your favorite social media is more helpful than you know!