Integrating Pozotron and Studio One

Integrating Pozotron and Studio One

How to import time stamp markers from Pozotron to S1.5

Pozotron is a service that allows your narration to be checked against the original narration text, usually a pdf, for errors in the spoken content (or you can mark the error as a typo and give it to your author). These error, or discrepancies, need to be fixed in the narrated file. This requires finding them. It can be a daunting task to locate a single error, in a one hour narration. Imagine trying to locate multiple errors—5, 10, etc. Pozotron has the ability to timestamp these errors and output them as markers in a format the various DAWs can use. The output type is different for each DAW (the recording software used by narrators). There is no direct way to output the markers themselves yet for Studio One, but there is a nifty work around, described in the video here.

The idea is to have Pozotron export the markers as a midi file, then import it into S1 (using the file menu). The video lays it out. This will feel clumsy the first time or two, but is rapidly assimilated into the brain with a couple of trials.

Note: At about 4:00 minutes in on this video I start talking about making the time line of the markers match up with the file to be worked on. The info in the video works for that, but I have since discovered all you have to do is right click anywhere on the marker timeline (without clicking on it first) and select paste. That should import the markers in their correct position relative to the start of the file. Easy.

Everything else on this video is correct.

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