Happy Clients! —The Buzz

Happy Clients! —The Buzz

The Buzz on Edison’s Audiobook Narration…

“Edison McDaniels is on his way to being one of the superstars of audiobook narration. Edison brings novels to life in a way few others can match. With attention to detail both in the narration and his interaction with the author or publisher, he delivers a first rate experience. If Edison offers to narrate your novel, stop all other auditions and sign him. We did.” 

Tony Acree
Hydra Publications, LLC 

“I second Tony Acree’s endorsement of Edison McDaniels. He does a great job, and I am very pleased that my novels are his first narrations for Hydra Publications.”

Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr., Author of Silicon Blood and The Valley of the Shaman

“I had to piece through multiple auditions, but Edison’s work was the only one that struck out as the obvious choice. If you had asked me in the beginning if I would have imagined a mature, african-american voice being perfect for Joel’s story, I would never have imagined that it would have worked out so well. Edison’s voice captured the tone of the story, and leant a gravity that the narrative needed.”

Carter Bowman, Author of Part Timers

“I wrote the novel SILICON BLOOD as a warning of how the possible abuses of emerging technologies may threaten all of civilization:  all technology, all knowledge can be used for good or evil, and we must always keep that dichotomy foremost in our thoughts.”

“This was my first audiobook experience, and it was truly enlightening.  Edison McDaniels’ narration of my novel, SILICON BLOOD, made me feel as though I were listening to the story for the first time.  When I first wrote those words, I heard them in my own voice, but listening to Edison recite them was an entirely new revelation for me.  His edgy presentation (especially, The Guy) captures exactly the tone I intended for the near-future, dystopian, noir tale of terror, guilt, and betrayal.  Thanks, Edison, for a great job!”

Dr. Arlan Andrews Sr., Author of Silicon Blood

“Edison McDaniels’ telling of my story, VALLEY OF THE SHAMAN, transported me to a world of imagination beyond the mere words I had written.  The patina of mystery and mysticism he is able to import by voice intonation alone gives the audiobook version an added dimension of realism.  I wrote VALLEY to capture the essence of The Land of Enchantment, to refer to legends and tales only whispered about in that ancient landscape, and of my feelings when exploring actual valleys in New Mexico.  Edison, you captured my intentions perfectly.  I appreciate your work!”

Dr. Arlan Andrews Sr., Author of The Valley of the Shaman