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If you like stories of surgical suspense, medical fiction, medical thrillers, or awesome tales where medicine and surgery figure prominently but are not necessarily front and center to the theme of the work, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years I have written many short stories and a number of novels and novellas, much of it showcased here with an extraordinary audio podcast. Of course, I’ve left the early stuff—the painful first 1,000,000 words or so—out. This is only the good stuff.

So look around, as there’s a lot here. Start by listening to one of my latest podcast episodes below. Oh, and if you’d like to support the podcast, and we hope you will, please consider buying one of Edison McDaniels’s books at Amazon (available in trade paperback & on Kindle).

Stunning medical fiction, suspense, thrillers, historical tales. Ordinary folks in extraordinary circumstances. Let the games begin.

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An Endless Array of Broken Men

For Dr. Joshua Bay, hell is twenty-four sleepless hours, every one of them scalpel in hand, standing under a cross in a nameless church atop a dusty hill after a pointless battle. For too many good men, this is where the world ends.

For Dr. Joshua Bay, this is where the story begins.

For Dr. Joshua Bay, hell is twenty-four sleepless hours, every one of them scalpel in hand, standing under a cross in a nameless church atop a dusty hill after a pointless battle. For too many good men, this is where the world ends.

The Least Detailed Plans of a Great & Complicated Apparatus

Dr. Jolly Frye comes into possession of an ancient skull—or does the skull come into possession of him?

This stunning tale of greed, avarice, madness—and, quite possibly, possession—spans 100,000 years of human existence.

First published in the dark fantasy anthology THE NIGHT BAZAAR, edited by Lenore Poyer at Northampton House Press. 

PW called this the most stunning story in Lenore Poyer's multi-authored dark fantasy anthology

The Bottom of the 5th

How does a kid drown—or not—on a pitcher’s mound in the middle of a little league baseball game on a bright, sunny day?

Have you seen the movie THE SANDLOT?

Well, that was pretty much my childhood. As a ten year old, it seemed the mysteries of life came alive through baseball. This is a story straight out of those glory days of playing baseball on the diamonds of Southern California, of the smell of cut grass in the outfield, of hitting impossible homers on and off the field. And of ghosts. This story is very much about the ghosts of childhood. You won’t believe where this story goes.

Of all the stories I have ever written, this is perhaps my favorite.

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The Crucible

What would you do if you had the life of a little boy in your hands—and only seconds to act?

It’s 1951 & this is a test.
Trevor Mott is a brain surgeon. Jimmy P. is eight years old. Today, the two of them will come together. One will be taken to the very edge of endurance. The other will go even further.

Listen & enter the operating room today.

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Listen and be transported to an operating room in 1951. Trevor Mott is a brain surgeon. Jimmy P. is 8 years old. Today, they will come together. One will go to the very edge of endurance, the other evn further.

Coming Up on The Surgical Fiction Podcast!

A smattering of what’s coming up on the podcast. Just a little tease. Publishing a new story every 3-4 weeks, original fiction from the mind of Edison McDaniels, as well as occasional creative nonfiction.

Mostly though, I just like telling good stories. Most of my stories are not about medicine or surgery particularly, but these usually figure in the story in some way, such as an ancient shaman setting a broken arm, or a scalpel salesman who encounters his ultimate nemesis on a desolate and snow bound highway in the middle of a blizzard. My stories tend to be about more or less ordinary people who encounter extraordinary circumstances. Also, I’m a big Stephen King fan and there is definitely an element of that in my writing. I can’t help it really, it’s just how I’m wired. Nothing sadistic though, and no gratuitous violence. I like literary ghosts and tightly plotted stories. Think of Peter Straub’s Ghost Story as an example. 

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“Think Stephen King meets Michael Crichton…”
—Bill Glose, Book Editor of Virginia Living


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“A vivid, engrossing story of battle…a compelling read, largely because of the skill with which McDaniels unfolds his characters’ stories.”
—Brid Nowlan, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole for IndieReader

My son, Endyll Princeton McDaniels.

Endyll Princeton McDaniels, my son.

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A story podcast based on the host's life as a brain surgeon. Fiction in which medicine/surgery loom either large or small. But the story itself is always first!