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This is a podcast that showcases speculative fiction. Loosely inspired by my life as a brain surgeon, these are tales well calculated to keep you shivering. All the stories are read by me, an experienced audiobook narrator. Some I have written, others I have selected from the public domain as outstanding examples of macabre, terrifying, mysterious, or weird fiction.

I sometimes post bonus material wish might be of interest to writers of medical fiction, or anybody with an interest in medical fiction or even medical and surgical history.

The podcast is free, of course, but you can show your support by purchasing my novels and novellas, available on Kindle. Many are also available in trade paperback. A number can be found on Audible as well. Consider contacting me if you’d like your speculative story produced as an audiobook. I will take care of all the details.

The surgical task and the writing craft are both goal directed, cerebral undertakings. But surgery is a concrete, “right now” kind of thing, and writing is a creative, “take your time” thing. Surgery requires a rote knowledge of anatomy; writing calls up an esoteric awareness of words and grammar. Surgery is relatively quick and mentally exhausting; writing is time consuming and brain building. Surgery is a team sport (no surgeon operates alone); writing may be one of the most solitary things we humans do. And, for me at least, it is also one of the most rewarding. For many years, I have spent my spare time writing fiction.

A new episode of THE SURGICAL FICTION PODCAST comes out every few weeks. You can subscribe at iTunes and other podcast providers. And return here frequently for updates.

Please do listen. I look forward to your feedback.

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Edison’s voice has an authoritative quality…

“I have worked with various voice actors over the years, and Edison McDaniel is among the best. His recent work on September Mourn: The Dunker Church of Antietam Battlefield, by Alann Schmidt and Terry Barkley was timely prepared and done well. Edison’s voice has an authoritative quality perfect for that project. We will use him again for a future project, and I would recommend him without qualification.”

Theodore P. Savas

Managing Director, Savas Beatie LLC

Edison McDaniels was the only one who could bring this marvelous story to life…

“Mango Publishing is very lucky to have the honor of publishing legendary author Leonard Carpenter, who wrote the million-selling Conan the Barbarian series we all know and love. Therefore, we were extremely selective when choosing a narrator for his novel LUSITANIA LOST. Edison McDaniels was the only one who could bring this marvelous story to life.  He did a brilliant job. Give it a listen and you’ll soon agree!”

Brenda Knight

Editorial Director

Mango Publishing

If Edison offers to narrate your novel, stop all other auditions and sign him.

“Edison McDaniels is on his way to being one of the superstars of audiobook narration. Edison brings novels to life in a way few others can match. With attention to detail both in the narration and his interaction with the author or publisher, he delivers a first rate experience. If Edison offers to narrate your novel, stop all other auditions and sign him. We did.”

Tony Acree


Hydra Publications, LLC