The Surgical Fiction Podcast

The Surgical Fiction Podcast


Introducing The Surgical Fiction Podcast!

Great audiobook fiction produced by EDISON Audio LLC.

For over twenty years I have been a brain surgeon. The surgical task and the writing craft are both goal directed, cerebral undertakings. But surgery is a concrete, “right now” kind of thing, and writing is a creative, “take your time” thing. Surgery requires a rote knowledge of anatomy; writing calls up an esoteric awareness of words and grammar. Surgery is relatively quick and mentally exhausting; writing is time consuming and brain building. Surgery is a team sport (no surgeon operates alone); writing may be one of the most solitary things we humans do. And, for me at least, it is also one of the most rewarding. For many years, I have spent my spare time writing fiction.

And listening to audiobooks.

Click here for the introductiory episode.

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    THE SURGICAL FICTION PODCAST is inspired by my life as a brain surgeon—and the hours spent in between, during which I wanted nothing more than to find a good story (a great story) to occupy my time. These are just good stories well told. The podcast features audiobooks I have recorded for Audible, presented in chapter fashion. The complete book is here, free, but if you’d like to have it uninterrupted I encourage you to hop over to Audible, or where ever you get your audiobooks from, and buy the complete and uninterrupted audiobook. The author, the publisher, and most of all, me, will appreciate it.

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