The Wind Caller (In Production)

The Wind Caller (In Production)

The Wind Caller by PD Cacek

From Crossroad Press

In production as of May 2nd, 2018 — Estimated available August 1!

Listen to the leaves rustling.

Hear the wind building.

These could the first signs that Gideon Berlander has found you. They could be the last sounds you hear. Gideon hasn’t been the same since that terrifying night in the cave, the night he changed forever—the night he became a wind caller. But the power to call upon and control the unimaginable force of the wind it all its fury has warped him, twisted his mind, and unleashed a virtually unstoppable monster. Those who oppose Gideon are destroyed … horribly. No one can escape the wind.

And no one—not even Gideon—knows what nightmarish secrets wait in its swirling grasp.

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