Not One Among Them Whole

Not One Among Them Whole

Not One Among Them Whole

It is the summer of 1863 and everything is about to change. Everything. Forever.

The flies. The blood. The soldiers. The wounds. The surgeons. The undertakers.

The insanity.

The greatest battle ever fought on American soil is in full tilt. Southern Pennsylvania has become one great grinding stone and thousands of men are dead or dying in its wake. In this tilted landscape, reputations are made, careers are ruined, and men are driven to the brink in the wake of two armies intent on killing one another. What happens next amid the carnage and human flotsam will be unholy, unnerving, and all but unbearable, with only one thing certain: nobody will escape unscathed.

Introducing an audacious historical novel told from the viewpoint of the surgeons struggling amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital at Gettysburg in 1863.

About the Book

This is the story of a world laid bare, of an insane time.

It is July, 1863. In the heat of summer the land is a killing ground over which two armies have recently spilled blood. The Civil War is both two years done and has two years remaining; long enough on both accounts for good men to know what has been, and what is coming. Into this shattered humanity come a group of disparate souls:

Ezra Coffin, a severely wounded Union soldier, who has never seen his infant son, and perhaps never will…

Major Tom Jersey, a Confederate officer who awakens terribly mangled in the aftermath of combat…

Major Solomon Hardy, Chief Union Surgeon, who stands at the tables until his health fails—then watches over his own dying son…

Major Josiah Boyd, a gifted surgeon whose sanity falls far short of his skill with a knife…

Captain Tobias Ellis, whose courage under fire makes him a hero—or perhaps not…

Liza Coffin, who isn’t eighteen, but already has been a homeless orphan, a mother, and perhaps now a widow too…

Jupiter Jones, showman extraordinaire, itinerant undertaker, and reader of the dead. Is he the real thing, or a flimflam artist on the take…

And finally Cuuda Monk, a teenage boy and former slave, alive today only because his father had the courage to bury him when the end came. His visions of the boy with the creel may make him the sanest man in the land—and just may be the means to all their salvation…

In the wreckage of one of the greatest battles ever fought comes the story of a strange and blighted land, where the price of a man’s life is less than the shoes on his feet. It is a land strewn with thousands of broken men, where the dead animals lay thick as the meadow grass, the water is poison, and the hospitals are the last place a wounded man can rest.

For as far as the eye can see the earth is awash with soldiers, and not a one among them whole.

The Buzz on Edison McDaniels…

“An amazingly talented writer…”

—Taylor Polites, author of The Rebel Wife

“Heart breaking, engaging, and absolutely fantastic. I would give this book 6 stars if I could.”

—Darrin Buxman, one of Amazon’s top book reviewers

“A vivid, engrossing story of battle…a compelling read, largely because of the skill with which McDaniels unfolds his characters’ stories.”

—Brid Nowlan, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole for IndieReader

“Think Stephen King meets Michael Crichton…”

—Bill Glose, Book Editor of Virginia Living

“A page turning thriller…”

—Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs, discussing The Burden

A memorable story—one that I will not be forgetting any time soon, if ever.”

—From a review of Blade Man

“This book blew me away…a really engaging book.”

—Dr. Babus Ahmed, Amazon VINE™ VOICE, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole

Series: The Gettysburg Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: EPM book
ISBN: 9781482505160
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