The Naperville White House


Not just the United States, but the entire world, remembers that fateful November day back in 2018 when Al Qaeda terrorists held the entire nation hostage in exchange for the public disclosure of an anti-terrorist bioweapon that may not have even existed.

In that darkest hour, salvation came not from the United States government, but from fantasy government. This cabinet of independent thinkers from Naperville, Illinois—a librarian, a customer service representative, a gas station owner, and an obsessive gamer—was led by insurance adjustor and President Jay Weise.

Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of crusading vagabond journalist, former White House press secretary, and part-time Radio Shack employee Jerome Bartels, here for the first time is the true story of the Stockdale Hostage Crisis from the people who lived it.

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About the Book

Bartels filters today’s highly-charged anti-government fervor through the immersive world of online gaming and comes up with a political thriller that could only exist in the early 21st century. Complex and densely imaginative, The Naperville White House is both an astute look at modern politics and a clever product of the zeitgeist. -—Tom Matthews, author of Like We Care and screenwriter of Mad City

The Naperville White House is a clever piece of fiction, we hope, and not some vision of the future. Offbeat but compelling in this age when the lines between fantasy and reality become more blurred by the day. —Book Bitch

All in all, a fun read that I blew through in two days. I’d rate this book four (out of five) stars, which means I loved it. If you like somewhat futuristic political thrillers, or get a kick out of regular folks (ok, somewhat nerdy folks) winning out over Big Brother, then I d most definitely recommend this complex, intriguing, and clever book. —Layers of Thought

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The Naperville White House
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