Dr Adder

Dr Adder

Dr Adder

Just another urban folktale of sordid bloodlust...

The one that started it all -- K. W. Jeter's first novel, that took him twelve years to get published, despite every science fiction editor in America telling him it was a great book, exactly what they should be publishing, but were too afraid to pull the trigger on. The book about which Philip K. Dick said, "... will change your notions of what's possible in science fiction forever."

Overly graphic violence, repulsive sexual practices, scathing social commentary, and a cast of thoroughly unlikable characters -- it's nearly impossible to describe. But a lot of people get killed in it, and a lot of things get blown up, a lot of which you might agree should get blown up. So it might be exactly what you're looking for, you sick bastards.

K. W. Jeter is an American science fiction and thriller author known for his literary writing style, dark themes, and complex, paranoid characters. His latest novels are THE KINGDOM OF SHADOWS, set in the sinister & glamorous world of the film industry of the Third Reich, and the Kim Oh Thriller series — KIM OH 1: REAL DANGEROUS GIRL, KIM OH 2: REAL DANGEROUS JOB and KIM OH 3: REAL DANGEROUS PEOPLE, with more to come.

Jeter is an exhilarating writer who always seems to have another rabbit to pull out of his hat.
— The New York Times Book Review

Brain-burning intensity . . .
— Village Voice

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About the Book

5 stars! K. W. Jeter should be recognized alongside the greats of science fiction. Novel edgy ideas and great writing style. —Amazon reviewer.

4 stars! I’d heard of this novel and was keen to read it but could never get my hands on a copy, so it’s always a risk that the book when you eventually get it will be a let down. Particularly when it was written decades ago, but no such worry here. The story hasn’t aged and is as weird and strange as good cyberpunk should be. Some of the ideas such as the Chicken Ranch or The visitor could easily have been expanded but by keeping them short only added to the bizzare nature of the world created. The violence and sex may have lost some of it’s power to shock in this internet age but it still provides some though provoking stuff. A good read to add to your cyberpunk canon. —Amazon reviewer.

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