Tales of the Bloody Scalpel

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Go into the operating room with an overly nervous patient. Hitch a ride in the middle of a blizzard with an unusual traveling salesman. Lay with a surgeon on his bedroom floor, in his own blood, as he struggles to save his life after a terrible accident. What secret have the gravediggers of Saints Innocents Cemetery taken with them to their own graves for centuries? Be there when brain surgery goes wrong—really wrong! Examine an ancient portrait so compelling, it has lured admirers to their final rests for a thousand years. Labor within the walls of an eighteenth century Paris hospital. What has an old man kept buried in his back yard for half a century—and why is he digging it up now? Who are the illusory men? Do the dead think? Witness first hand a fraught battlefield hospital during the American Civil War.

About the Book

Tales of the Bloody Scalpel are compelling, haunting, stand alone fiction informed by medicine and surgery, but rarely actually about medicine or surgery. Most, though not all, could be classified as supernatural medical thrillers. They are intensely human stories, containing elements of horror, the paranormal, ghosts, madness, monsters, fear of the unknown, or occasionally just taught medical situations. Whether describing gripping tension, spellbinding horror, or unimaginable pathos, these stories have a tendency to stay with you long after reading.

These and other stories are available right now in Tales of the Bloody Scalpel!

About the Author
Edison McDaniels

A brain surgeon with 20+ years and over 8,000 cases under his belt, Edison McDaniels spends as much time as possible writing fiction these days. He is the author of the acclaimed TALES OF THE BLOODY SCALPEL series of medical thrillers, as well as the THE GETTYSBURG TRILOGY, a series of intense novels depicting the battlefield surgeons at Gettysburg.
He lives in the upper midwest, does not have a dog, but can often be found at Minnesota Twins baseball games. He is not squeamish.