Voices of the Dead

A big, sprawling novel for fans of James Michener…

Voices of the Dead: Battling the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878: A Novel

During four terror-filled months in 1878, a yellow fever epidemic in the Lower Mississippi Valley struck 154 towns and cities, killed over 20,000 people, and wiped entire families and businesses from the face of the earth. A determined band of volunteer heroes and heroines fought the virus despite their limited medical knowledge. A Creole nurse from New Orleans travels north to help, bringing with her a very special locket she inherited from her Haitian grandmother. An Irish chambermaid learns nursing and puts her life at risk trying to bring down her patients’ fevers. A Jewish physician volunteers despite lacking immunity to the virus. A fisherman becomes one of the first black policemen in the South when the white force is decimated by the disease.Priests, sisters, reverends, rabbis, physicians, nurses, hearse drivers, gravediggers, retired military, an unashamed madam, a gambler…Some survived. Others paid the ultimate price.

And only one person can hear the voices of the dead.

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Voices of the Dead: Battling the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878: A Novel

by John Babb

Genres: Historical Fiction, Other authors
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Dingbat Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: eBook
Length: novel
ISBN: 9781096831266

List Price: 19.99
eBook Price: 3.99
In Voices of the Dead, John has done an excellent job taking newspaper articles and personal letters and blended it with fictional characters experiencing first hand the destructive force of the incurable yellow fever. These heroic characters, clergy, doctors, nurses, police, undertakers, the patients themselves, coming out of the pages, each with unique attributes to contribute to the story. They make you sad , scared and sometimes they make you laugh, each bringing their own cultural quirks to the story. The characters’ descriptions and story makes them come alive. Most of all, out of such a dark time, post civil war where there was so much dissension among human beings this tragedy of the Yellow fever brings a ray of hope to us. We see how the story brings communities no matter their differences together,helping each other anyway they can to survive the epidemic. It helps us imagine how much more we can accomplish as a human race. A beautiful tapestry. I recommend it highly. Could not put it down!!!! Can’t wait for your next book!!!
– Amazon Reviewer
This is an extremely absorbing book about a difficult topic. The author has woven engaging character stories into the sad, but authentic newspaper reports from the time. Not all of the characters are heroes. They are every sort of individual whom we might have encountered in Memphis in 1878. Do you want to learn the history of what an epidemic like this one can do to a city when there is no known cure, and how ordinary and not so ordinary people cope? Read this book. Do you just want something engrossing and interesting to read? Read this book. It has heroism, cowardice, love, hope, and despair - all the human emotions that can surface in a story as powerful as this one.
– Amazon Reviewer
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Voices of the Dead
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About the Author
John Babb

John Babb is a retired Assistant Surgeon General, and Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service. His experience in pharmacy, emergency preparedness/response, and public health administration has allowed him to write about medical issues which confronted people during our growth as a Nation. This not only includes the practice of traditional medicine, but also folk medicine, old wives tales, and even a bit of folk lore.
Although he writes historical fiction (sometimes with a touch of a medical mystery or even the paranormal), great pains have been taken to assure the historical accuracy of his books, including his visiting almost every location mentioned in the stories, as well as related museums, libraries, historical settings, and battlefields.
He was raised in the Missouri Ozarks as what he would call a "free-range kid", served in a variety of duty stations across the U.S. with the USPHS, and now lives in Tennessee with his artist wife, Victoria, and fearless wonder dog, Rooster.