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Edison McDaniels is a writer, wordsmith, novelist, and physician living in the upper American Midwest. He has been described as "an amazingly talented writer." His writing tends to involve ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and is often informed by his many years as a practicing neurosurgeon (though he never writes about the bureaucracy of medicine itself). His many stories mostly keep to the shadowy world of the paranormal, to the mysterious cracks in-between the real and the imagined, and to the extreme pathos that is the human condition under stress. Find his medical suspense tales, supernatural medical thrillers, and historical fiction involving the American Civil War at SurgicalFiction.com.

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Edison McDaniels

A brain surgeon with 20+ years and over 8,000 cases under his belt, Edison McDaniels spends as much time as possible writing fiction these days. He is the author of the acclaimed TALES OF THE BLOODY SCALPEL series of medical thrillers, as well as the THE GETTYSBURG TRILOGY, a series of intense novels depicting the battlefield surgeons at Gettysburg.
He lives in the upper midwest, does not have a dog, but can often be found at Minnesota Twins baseball games. He is not squeamish.