The Valley of the Shaman

The Valley of the Shaman

The Valley of the Shaman by Arlan Andrews, Sr.

From Hydra Publications

In production as of April 15th, 2018 — Estimated available May 20!

There is a longing that Truth cannot tell,
a yearning that Fact cannot satisfy,
a thirst that only Myth may sate.
There, is a Valley.
— El Viejo

With this mysterious e-mailed message, a New Age researcher is led toward a mysterious Valley in New Mexico, along the way finding an enigmatic slab of stone carved with mysterious Native American rock art, and encountering a strange shamanic guide, El Viejo (the “Old Man”). As he journeys through The Valley carrying the carved stone slab back to its ancient location, he fights for his life against men who want the stone for themselves. Along the way, his path enlightened by El Viejo at times of crisis, he learns the true meaning of the heavy treasure he carries, discovering the nature of his own existence, and hints of lost civilizations, alternate realities, and the hidden history of Mankind.

Production finished May 6th, 2018. Look for this to be available before the end of the month!

“The patina of mystery and mysticism he is able to import by voice intonation alone gives the audiobook version an added dimension of realism.  I wrote VALLEY to capture the essence of The Land of Enchantment, to refer to legends and tales only whispered about in that ancient landscape, and of my feelings when exploring actual valleys in New Mexico.  Edison, you captured my intentions perfectly.”

Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr., Author of The Valley of the Shaman

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