Audiobook Narrator Edison McDaniels reads BLADE MAN

Audiobook Narrator Edison McDaniels reads BLADE MAN

A desolate highway…

A hundred year storm…

And the only other car on the highway is… WRONG.

What if you were driving a desolate North Dakota highway in a hundred year storm, and the only other car on the road was…wrong?

“There are monsters among us. I mean this quite literally.” So begins this vivid tale of what our narrator (an old man on his death bed, once an itinerant scalpel salesman) tells us wasn’t the most visceral moment of his life, but was the most horrible. “When I look back on it though, what stands out most is how very easily things could’ve come out different. But for that North Dakota howler, the grace of God, and maybe a little ingenuity on my part, I could have been the hunted instead of the hunter.”

Fair warning: Until now, he’s never told anyone what happened on that highway, with good reason. It changed him. And it just might change you too. You’ll never go out in a storm again.

This story is in homage to DUEL by Richard Matheson (Steven Spielberg’s first film), as well as THROTTLE by Stephen King and Joe Hill.

Some stories fight to be written. It’s like they won’t rest until they are out among us. This story was like that. It kept gnawing at me until the words, every last one of them, were writ large on the page. It’s a pretty good read, but I’d recommend reading it with a friend. Preferably one you are very sure about. Even then, I wouldn’t pick it up at night, and I damn sure wouldn’t read it in the middle of a North Dakota howler.

The complete and uninterrupted audiobook is now available on Audible here.

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