Dr. Isaac Weed was touched by the death of his daughter. Unfortunately, so were his patients…

Dr. Isaac Weed had it all. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter, a thriving surgical practice, and an almost supernatural gift for healing. But two years after the death of his daughter, struggling to heal and just a shell of the man he once was, Dr. Weed becomes increasingly convinced his dead daughter is trying to contact him from the beyond. When he discovers a door to the afterlife, a door never meant to be opened, he just might be able to get her back. There’s just one problem.

In order to open the door, somebody has to die.

Sometimes, healing can go too far.

There is fear and there is terror.

Fear enters the heart and creeps the bones. That sound in the night that appears to be more than it really is, that light that flickers at an inopportune moment, or the plumbing that burps unexpectedly. Fear causes the heart to race and the breathing to come in quick, shallow gasps. Fear plays games with the mind, but generally these are minor and pass with time.

But what if fear does not pass, what if fear is ratcheted up a notch or two? What if reality morphs into what seems, and what seems twists into what is? At that crucial point, at that moment when the mind can no longer discern what is from what is not, fear gives way to terror.

Terror bypasses the heart and enters the mind, creeps the soul. Terror grips its victim with all the tenacity of a bear trap’s steel jaws, crushes the spirit within, and feeds the black nothingness that somehow lives in each of us just beyond the edge of our consciousness. The tar of that nothingness boils over and lays bare the illusion of security, opens a Pandora’s box of hideous insights. And as the mind begins to choke, so too the body. The throat dries to dust and feels the sting of a thousand flies as every breath becomes agony and every heartbeat a further step out of this world and into the next. Sphincters weaken and the body churns its wastes out, perhaps lightening its load for the flight it perceives to come. But then the legs buckle and the knees falter, the victim falls to the ground and cowers in his own excrement, the world around him now nothing more than an apparition populated by the creatures of his own imagination.

This is a novel about terror. Consider yourself warned.

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“An amazingly talented writer…”
—Taylor Polites, author of The Rebel Wife

“Think Stephen King meets Michael Crichton…”
—Bill Glose, Book Editor of Virginia Living

“Heart breaking, engaging, and absolutely fantastic. I would give this book 6 stars if I could.”
—Darrin Buxman, one of Amazon’s top book reviewers

“A vivid, engrossing story of battle…a compelling read, largely because of the skill with which McDaniels unfolds his characters’ stories.”
—Brid Nowlan, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole for IndieReader

“A page turning thriller…”
—Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs, discussing The Touched.

A memorable story—one that I will not be forgetting any time soon, if ever.”
—From a review of Blade Man

“This book blew me away…a really engaging book.”
—Dr. Babus Ahmed, Amazon VINE™ VOICE, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole

“McDaniels is a master of imagery whose poetic descriptions transport the reader… You will be captivated immediately.”
—Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Tuck

When his daughter dies, a surgeon becomes convinced she's reaching out to him fm beyond. There's just one problem.
In order to reach back, somebody has to die.