Welcome to a place where the spoken word reigns supreme.

Welcome to a place where the spoken word reigns supreme.

My name is Edison McDaniels. I am a physician, surgeon, wordsmith, and audiobook narrator. I love words—how they look on the page, how they relate to each other, and how language itself came about. I actually own a twenty volume dictionary, the OED, that takes up half a wall in my library. I prefer it to the internet when I am writing.

One of my fondest passions is putting words to the ear. Narration is like playing a fine instrument, the voice. When a piece is narrated well, it sings. Few things are as soothing as kicking back and listening to a story that is well told and well narrated. That’s why parents read to kids at bedtime. The oral tradition of storytelling is as old as the hills themselves, and certainly predates many, if not most, other forms of entertainment. A good storyteller is worth his or her weight in gold. A great storyteller, with a great voice, is…priceless. But it doesn’t happen overnight. One has to learn to play the instrument, to strum the strings so to speak. And like physicians, who can only ever practice medicine and never completely master it, narration is practice, practice, practice, with mastery ever elusive. To paraphrase a famous quote, it’s taken a long time to learn to sound like me!

Anyway, look around. There’s a lot here. Over one hundred hours of audio stories, samples, excerpts, etc. If you like what you hear, many of the books are available on Audible. My own print works are available in ebook and trade paperback. Just follow the links.

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